My Blog Passion

Greetings from Canada’s West Coast and welcome to my money blog; I extend my personal invitation to explore and peruse my commentaries.

First, I summarize why I am blogging. I have been a portfolio manager and financial advisor for years. I manage the serious money, otherwise known as retirement portfolios. My perspective on managing wealth comes from experience, knowledge and insight accumulated over more than forty years. My experience spans several market cycles of bullish and bearish times. I look upon it as running and enduring a marathon, not a sprint.

I am a strategy manager, not a stock picker.

My passion is writing about six major money topics. The first three are retirement planning, managing risk and investing for the long run. The second three include tax management, estate planning and tending to the family business. These six are intertwined and have the greatest impact on wealth management pursuits. A money journey that can easily last for decades.

I am a strategy manager, not a stock picker. My speciality is designing and managing retirement portfolios for the long run. As an advising representative of Lycos Asset Management, my investment management services are discretionary. This requires a Portfolio Manager registration (licence), the highest attainable. It also imposes the fiduciary duty standard. I am independent, fee-only, not affiliated with products or institutions. My advice is objective, unbiased and without conflicts of interest.

Investor needs vary widely. Some seek portfolio growth. Some focus on capital preservation. Some require dependable income streams. Some want to arrange a family legacy. Some wish to provide for their children and grandchildren. Some desire help with the family business and the estate freeze. A comprehensive personal game plan has lasting value.

Comments on investing and retirement are by far my most frequent requests. Hence, the blog name, Managing Portfolios for the Long Run. I will highlight various techniques that help accumulate and maintain retirement portfolios. I will also delve into ideas that promote wise spending so that families are less likely to run out of money during retirement.

My mission is to enlighten and encourage. I intend to cover my philosophy on a number of topics that assist in guiding the family nest egg. These are the key areas that matter to me. I will strive to keep my blog postings simple, concise and regular. They build from one to another and stand the tests of time. I welcome your feedback.

The information provided is intended for educational purposes. Let’s begin and have some fun.

Sincerely yours,

Adrian Mastracci